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Since starting operations in the United Arab Emirates, DANWAY has been meeting and exceeding market demands. Over the course of the last forty years, the company has managed to maintain steady and sustainable growth, evolving into a prominent Engineering and Contracting enterprise in the Infrastructure, Industrial, Energy, and Oil and Gas sectors in the UAE and the MENA region.

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Danway Group

A fully owned subsidiary of AL NOWAIS INVESTMENTS, comprising Danway Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, Danway LLC and Danway Emirates, have a long and successful record of delivering expert engineering solutions throughout the GCC and Africa.


Since first going into action in 1976, the DANWAY Group has over the years grown into a multidisciplinary company with a leading position in its markets: construction, property development and concessions. DANWAY Group of Companies has a long and successful track record of delivering expert engineering products and technical services across the project value chain.
Engineering and Contracting

DANWAY EME, established in 1990 in the UAE, is a renowned Engineering and Contracting company specializing in Oil and Gas, Industrial, Energy, Renewable Energy, and Infrastructure sectors. With over 100 clients and 600 completed projects, the company offers comprehensive solutions for prestigious Middle East projects, including HV/MV substation construction and electrical and instrumentation installations for significant power and desalination projects.

Manufacturing and Trading

DANWAY LLC, established in 1976 in the UAE, has grown to meet and exceed market expectations. As a specialized organization, it excels in engineering, production, and trade in mechanical and electrical disciplines, covering building services, infrastructure, utilities, and oil and gas industries.

Industrial and Retail

The Industrial and Retail System (IRS) provides a diverse range of products to meet the needs of manufacturing and retail industries. These include industrial weighing scales, weighing bridges, hopper scales, pallet scales, food processing equipment, software automation, metal detectors, checkweighers, X-ray detectors, packaging equipment, label applicators, pallet wrappers, strapping machines, and personal safety products like head protection, eyewear, respiratory protection, hand protection, fall protection, safety shoes, and clothing.

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Corporate social

DANWAY is dedicated to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR), focusing on community development, sustainable practices, and reducing ecological footprint. We also address social and humanitarian issues like community welfare, healthcare, and education, emphasizing the importance of ethical corporate conduct for societal well-being.

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