We have a history of “nurturing internal talent,” so our effort goes beyond simply providing jobs; it offers a path for people to develop into future leaders who will impact our long-term success. Prospective employees seeking a dynamic environment that encourages original thinking, inventiveness, and teamwork will find the ideal work environment in DANWAY, customized to meet their goals.


Current Openings

We pride ourselves on our longstanding & committed employees with a high level of support and encouragement. With an exceptional variety of high profile projects on offer across the Gulf Region, the opportunity to work across the gulf is a real possibility

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People Practices

Our culture is built on passion, trust, unity, caring and innovation. We have a professional work environment which gives our employees the ability to develop their own unique career paths. It is our aim to support our employees’ success so that they can grow and thrive wherever their careers take them.

  • Career
    Career<br> Development
  • Campus to
    Campus to <br> Corporate
  • Skill
    Skill<br> Enhancement
  • Workforce Nationalization
    Workforce Nationalization<br> Program
Career Development

Join Danway for growth & goodness. We foster diversity, equity & inclusion, valuing mutual trust & respect. Prosper with us!

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Campus to Corporate

Selecting the right talent from campuses achieves our goal of creating a diverse pool of people from varying backgrounds and perspectives.

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Skill Enhancement

Danway is committed to helping its employees reach their full potential via training and professional development. Several health, safety, knowledge, and awareness sessions are held throughout the year to benefit workers, in addition to practical training on job-related skills and H&S. Danway recognizes that knowledge beyond career skills and professional training is important to enrich and improve the lives of our workforce.

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Workforce Nationalization Program

Danway Group’s Workforce Nationalization Program, aimed at Nationals, seeks talented and passionate people to join our family. If you are interested in joining this programme, you can apply online. Our expert recruitment team also works closely with academic and government institutions, offering unique career choices to talented Nationals looking to enhance their careers.

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