Quarry / Crusher Equipments

Beltway Scales

Our state of the art, in-motion weighing systems delivers outstanding accuracy and unmatched durability and repeatability. Our belt scales and solids impact flow meters are manufactured to the highest industry standard, earning us a reputation for excellent quality. Providing practical solutions for in-motion weighing applications with excellent service and support makes us the supplier of choice among the most successful supplier in Middle East world-wide.

Our products and service are trusted in a wide range of industries such as Aggregates, Mining, Portable crushing, Wood processing, Portable crushing, Scrap, Agriculture, and many more for over 30 years.

Metal Detectors – Quarry / Crusher

Industrial Metal Detection

DANWAY Supply range of Industrial metal detectors for protection of machinery such as crushers and saws in industries such as Mining, Coal Plants, Sawmills, and various similar applications.

The detectors are available as standard to suit all standard conveyor belts, but in addition, the design flexibility allows to custom design metal detectors for specific applications.

Applications in below industries

Mining, Industrial Timber, Board Making, Brick Manufacturers, Cement, Plastic recycling, Glass recycling

Belt Splice Analyzer, Fault / Ready Indicator with Interlock, Simple to install, Light and durable, Watertight, Rugged fiberglass construction, Detects ferrous and non-ferrous metals, Intrinsically safe.

Permeant Magnet – Quarry / Crusher

Permanent Lifting Magnets are designed to handle high volumes in the most rugged conditions, Suitable for all lifting operations in the modern workshop. Steel plates, sheets and blocks or steel rounds and tubes can be easily lifted, also commonly used in mining plants, which are made to toil round the clock. Magnetic separators are used in many industries where the product needs to be devoid of iron.

  • No Electrical connection needed.
  • Can be installed in any place without disturbing the existing line of operation.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Efficient even in Hazardous environments.
  • Range of Sizes & shapes available to suite customized applications

Magnetic Separator

Danway supply industries best quality magnetic separators specially for Overband type application.
Magnetic Separators are used in Crushing, Screening and Sorting processes in various industries. The Separators are suspended overhead either in-line or cross belt on conveyor lines. They are ideal for removing miscellaneous ferrous material from crushed and recycled material traveling on conveyor.

Types –

  • Electro Overband Magnetic Separator
  • Permeant Magnet Overband Separator
  • Magnet is made of robust strontium ferrite.
  • Magnet Fully enclosed in welded MS /SS enclosure.
  • Modular design -Can be installed in any place without disturbing the existing line of operation.
  • Low maintenance.
  • Works efficiently even in hazardous environments.
  • Available in varying length and breadth to suite conveyor dimensions.
  • Four pulley design.
  • Adjustable screw takes ups on tail pulley.

Industries using Magnetic Separators:

  • Coal Mines
  • Steel processing Plants
  • Mineral processing Plants
  • Rubber
  • Recycling plants.
  • Waste Management
  • Scrap Yards

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