Rental of Cradles and Service of Window cleaning equipment

Danway undertakes annual maintenance contract of Window cleaning equipment (Building maintenance units-BMU) using professionally trained staff & technicians. A dedicated Service Team, capable of handling service needs are available “on-call” for any sort of service requirements which is in addition to the annual preventive maintenance schedule at pre-agreed periods.

Danway Rental Division specializes in providing expert access solutions through temporary cradle rentals. Our dedicated and well-trained team excels in assessing project requirements and proposing the most suitable cradle hire solutions.

Whether you need safe and efficient access for building maintenance, façade inspection, or other elevated work tasks, our rental cradles offer a reliable and flexible solution. Our team takes the time to understand the unique needs of each project, ensuring that the recommended cradle rental perfectly aligns with the specific requirements of the job.

By choosing Danway’s rental cradles, clients benefit from top-notch equipment, professionally trained personnel, and a commitment to safety and efficiency. Our solutions not only simplify access to elevated areas but also enhance productivity and ensure a smooth and successful completion of the project at hand.


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Our extensive list of Rental of Cradles and Service of Window cleaning equipment are available to download

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