Backing our customers objective to increase life of the existing assets, ensure safety and improve efficiency and reduce owning cost; Danway offer diversified and comprehensive predictive and preventive maintenance programs which include medium voltage switchgears, low voltage switchgears, transformers, cables, capacitor banks, generators, building management system and DC system.

Danway leadership position in the market is a result of having its local approval as well as inhouse capable design and engineering team which help us to deal with varied make and type of electrical equipment.

Below are our main service verticals:


Electrical components and instruments are like any other, they age, lack efficiency and turn out to be faulty. Maintaining those items will ensure the functionality of the equipment as well as reduce the failure probability of other items and loading side.

Danway has extensive experience and knowledge working in all switchgear make and it is capable to provide its costumer with professional, reliable and cost-effective solutions.

In the occasion the faulty items are obsolete then Danway is again your option to engineer the best modernized solution in accordance with international standard and best technological practice.



Any equipment for it to function properly requires a good power quality, essentially a good voltage quality (SINE WAVE). It is designed to accept THDU (Total Harmonic Distortion Voltage) of 5% but if it receives distortion levels above this limit, it can malfunction or essentially fail. Assume the equipment to be a ventilator in a hospital or a server in a bank, failure can cause serious and undesirable consequences.

Danway Electrical Power Distribution and Control Service Department offers specialist power quality services with the right diagnosis and treatment, both utilities and consumers can alleviate power quality issues. With a wide range of products, systems and services that improve power quality across the power value helping its costumer to safeguard their asset integrity


Dealing with aged and obsolete installation has been always a challenge for facilities owners and operators. Not only because of the difficulties in the operation and maintenance but also unavailability of the cost-effective solution. Danway is pleased to engineer for its customers cost effective and reliable solutions for most of the makes and kinds.

Our key advantages are

Increase of the integrity and lifetime of your switchgears and installations

Effective solutions eliminate the possibility of unexpected trips

Modernize your switchgear with new protections which were not available during the time of installation

Optimize the periodic preventive maintenance

Improved quality of delivered power



Operation and Maintenance of 22kV, 11kV MV switchgear and LV switchgear

We take care of the complete operation and maintenance of the switchgear. We have dedicated engineer with dedicated staff to handle any kind of regular or emergency operational needs and the switchgears are regularly monitored and scheduled PPM is executed to ensure the smooth operation. We handle and coordination related to the utility of these substation.


Operation and Maintenance of 22KV and 11kV substation

We operate and maintain 41 substations in Masdar City. We have a fully equipped dedicated team on site to handle any regular and emergency operational needs. The substations are periodically checked for any abnormality. We execute the scheduled PPM on a regular basis according to OEM and utility requirement to ensure the smooth operation of the substation. Our dedicated team submits the reports of the substation on a regular basis. We handle and coordination related to the utility of these substations.


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